[PC-BSD Support] Removing gimp PBI (from Isotope) maimed Imlib !

USM Bish usmbish at aol.com
Wed Mar 28 10:06:19 PDT 2012


This mail may  need your personal attention. It  is a feedback
on PBIs which you may be aware of already. But just in case ...

This  Sunday, I  installed Isotope,  on a  new partition  with
LXDE.  I was  frankly very  impressed ;-)  Setting up  the new
system, I  installed some PBIs.  One of them was  gimp (almost
180 mb). My previous systems had gimp compiled from ports, and
used to take much less space.  I uninstalled  gimp last night,
hoping to build it from ports today, and  compare ...  went to

When I switched on the comp,  to my utter surprise, the frames
around  the  apps  just  disappeared, I  could  not  move  the
windows,  close any  nor  minimise/ maximise.  On checking  up
~/.xsession-errors,  I found  an error  pertaining to  missing
/usr/local/lib/libImlib.so.5. Yes, on checking, it was missing
alright. Since I was affected with static windows layering one
over the  other, I took  the shortest route,  and re-installed
Gimp. The libImlib* files were  back. On reboot, things worked
normally as before.

I have  some queries  regarding PBIs (which  frankly I  am not
very  familiar with,  being more  conversant with  ports (from
source or pkg_* utils for some binary packages).

a) Why do PBI uninstall touch system files ?  imlib  is a core
    file for image handling. Several WMs are dependent !

b) PBIs should  either be static, or  should install libraries
    (needed by the  app) separately, if not installed  already.
    There would be  chances of overwrites  and  clobbering,  if
    more than  one app  uses the same dynamic library, and then
    installs its own, reqriting the old.  No app  should have a
    shared lib in its distribution.

c) I feel, system libs should be in their own containers/ PBIs
    and not bundled with apps, and definitely NOT removed with-
    out dependency checks of other apps.

Just my PoV



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