[PC-BSD Support] Problem with KDE (?) in PC-BSD 9.0

Dru Lavigne dru.lavigne at att.net
Mon Jun 11 07:31:05 PDT 2012

> New to PC-BSD. Recently installed 9.0 (64-bit). When logged
> in,
> with KDE specified as the desktop, if there is neither
> keyboard
> nor mouse activity for two minutes, the mouse becomes
> unresponsive.
> If the keyboard is used after the mouse has become
> unresponsive
> the mouse will eventually work again. Also, if, after two
> minutes
> of inactivity, you try moving the mouse and find that the
> mouse is
> unresponsive, after you press a key on the keyboard the
> mouse cursor
> will track slowly over the desktop the way it would have,
> based on
> the movements made when the mouse was unresponsive.
> Eventually (after
> 10 to 15 seconds), after completing the movements made
> prior
> to using the keyboard, the mouse cursor will track at normal
> speed.
> This behavior doesn't occur when Fluxbox is selected as the
> desktop
> prior to login. Another symptom: started installing XFCE
> using
> PC-BSD Control Panel | System Configuration | System
> Packages;
> Update Progress window seemed to be functioning normally,
> but
> after a while the progress bars didn't seem to advance. I
> then click-
> dragged an open window which resulted in individual copies
> of the
> window being created over the path I dragged the window.
> After a
> while those ghost images disappeared. I've tried looking for
> obvious
> errors in the various log files in /var/log but haven't been
> able to
> find any that others have correlated to the same problem I'm
> having.

Hi Tom,

What type of video card is in this system?



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