[PC-BSD Support] Problem with KDE (?) in PC-BSD 9.0

tomc1 at charter.net tomc1 at charter.net
Fri Jun 8 07:07:05 PDT 2012

New to PC-BSD. Recently installed 9.0 (64-bit). When logged in,
with KDE specified as the desktop, if there is neither keyboard
nor mouse activity for two minutes, the mouse becomes unresponsive.
If the keyboard is used after the mouse has become unresponsive
the mouse will eventually work again. Also, if, after two minutes
of inactivity, you try moving the mouse and find that the mouse is
unresponsive, after you press a key on the keyboard the mouse cursor
will track slowly over the desktop the way it would have, based on
the movements made when the mouse was unresponsive. Eventually (after
10 to 15 seconds), after completing the movements made prior
to using the keyboard, the mouse cursor will track at normal speed.
This behavior doesn't occur when Fluxbox is selected as the desktop
prior to login. Another symptom: started installing XFCE using
PC-BSD Control Panel | System Configuration | System Packages;
Update Progress window seemed to be functioning normally, but
after a while the progress bars didn't seem to advance. I then click-
dragged an open window which resulted in individual copies of the
window being created over the path I dragged the window. After a
while those ghost images disappeared. I've tried looking for obvious
errors in the various log files in /var/log but haven't been able to
find any that others have correlated to the same problem I'm having.

Tom Carpenter
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