[PC-BSD Support] unable to boot into pcbsd [no matter what !!! ]

H hm at hm.net.br
Wed Jul 25 22:15:30 PDT 2012

loooook! ... a political affair reporter writing a computer review :)

now everybody will buy such a box just to study your case! :)

man, the question defines the answer 

means, want technical info, provide technical facts

and better they'll be correct, your computer is AM3470G-UW10P not
AM3407G-UW10P ...

may be you try to get yourself some info about your buy,
specially about EFI Bios?


Em Wed, 25 Jul 2012 16:22:41 -0700
"Clark Mankin" <clark at clarkmankin.com> escreveu:

> I have been desperately trying to escape from the Gates Automatic
> Operating System [GAOS] with no success.  You see, I cannot install
> PCBSD for the simple reason that I am not able to make it boot on my
> equipment,
> A brand new Acer AMD Quad Core with the Windoze 7 virus preinstalled,
> and a nearly worthless system BIOS that simply disregards user
> selections regarding what to boot and in what order.  If the "trusted
> boot" specification
> in Windoze 8 is more annoying than this, I hope someone has the
> decency to sue them under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.  Your boot
> loader is unceremoniously disregarded during those rare moments in
> which the BIOS actually 
> does what I have asked it to do.  I have a "striped RAID" that utterly
> destroys a 500GB hard drive to house a <3GB operating system.  IF I
> could get PCBSD to boot and IF it appears that the hardware would run
> serendipitously,
> my primal instinct to format the drive and expunge the accursed GAOS
> would be difficult to suppress.
> At some point perhaps your team can take an AM3407G-UW10P Acer and try
> to determine why it is that this system is listening to a hard drive
> in primal mode.  My understanding of the boot sequence is that our
> hardware does 
> not yet know what precisely it is, or how to proceed.  This does not
> appear to be the case.  In fact, the hardware not only knows what it
> is, but it also understands that an "alien" operating system is
> trying to boot up and furthermore 
> unless my carefully attentive monitoring is substantially in error,
> the BIOS appears to make a choice to boot the GAOS partition even
> when I have instructed it to boot *anything* except the hard drive
> first.  The days of "hey, why don't we 
> just disable the hard drive from the boot sequence?" appear to be
> over. No such option exists [Acer likely will not see another
> purchase from me.]
> Folks, it's a real problem and one that requires a solution before the
> GAOS Gang simply locks you out.  If an aggrieved consumer files suit
> under the Anti-Trust Act, DOJ will take 7-10 years. We need a viable
> solution faster than the
> United States District Court is able to proceed.  I wish I could tell
> you *how* your boot loader is prevented from running; unfortunately I
> cannot provide much useful information.  You may, however, rest
> assured that I am no silly 
> incompetent.  I have tried for 90 days and not once have I been able
> to boot into PCBSD on this brand new platform.  I can barely get
> Ubuntu to boot from a live DVD. Microsoft apparently sees PCBSD as
> the only real competition
> and has issued some "no way in hell" instructions.  No way!  That's
> how your fancy operating system runs on my brand new platform.
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