[PC-BSD Support] unable to boot into pcbsd [no matter what !!! ]

Clark Mankin clark at clarkmankin.com
Wed Jul 25 16:22:41 PDT 2012

I have been desperately trying to escape from the Gates Automatic
Operating System [GAOS] with no success.  You see, I cannot install
PCBSD for the simple reason that I am not able to make it boot on my
A brand new Acer AMD Quad Core with the Windoze 7 virus preinstalled,
and a nearly worthless system BIOS that simply disregards user
selections regarding what to boot and in what order.  If the "trusted
boot" specification
in Windoze 8 is more annoying than this, I hope someone has the decency
to sue them under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.  Your boot loader is
unceremoniously disregarded during those rare moments in which the BIOS
does what I have asked it to do.  I have a "striped RAID" that utterly
destroys a 500GB hard drive to house a <3GB operating system.  IF I
could get PCBSD to boot and IF it appears that the hardware would run
my primal instinct to format the drive and expunge the accursed GAOS
would be difficult to suppress.

At some point perhaps your team can take an AM3407G-UW10P Acer and try
to determine why it is that this system is listening to a hard drive in
primal mode.  My understanding of the boot sequence is that our hardware
not yet know what precisely it is, or how to proceed.  This does not
appear to be the case.  In fact, the hardware not only knows what it is,
but it also understands that an "alien" operating system is trying to
boot up and furthermore 
unless my carefully attentive monitoring is substantially in error, the
BIOS appears to make a choice to boot the GAOS partition even when I
have instructed it to boot *anything* except the hard drive first.  The
days of "hey, why don't we 
just disable the hard drive from the boot sequence?" appear to be over. 
No such option exists [Acer likely will not see another purchase from

Folks, it's a real problem and one that requires a solution before the
GAOS Gang simply locks you out.  If an aggrieved consumer files suit
under the Anti-Trust Act, DOJ will take 7-10 years. We need a viable
solution faster than the
United States District Court is able to proceed.  I wish I could tell
you *how* your boot loader is prevented from running; unfortunately I
cannot provide much useful information.  You may, however, rest assured
that I am no silly 
incompetent.  I have tried for 90 days and not once have I been able to
boot into PCBSD on this brand new platform.  I can barely get Ubuntu to
boot from a live DVD. Microsoft apparently sees PCBSD as the only real
and has issued some "no way in hell" instructions.  No way!  That's how
your fancy operating system runs on my brand new platform.

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