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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Does multimedia CD/DVD play on your system? (Sam Lin)
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> From: Sam Lin <semin2006 at gmail.com>
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> Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2012 22:01:36 +1200
> Subject: [PC-BSD Support] Does multimedia CD/DVD play on your system?
> Hi folks,
> When I tried to play music CD or film DVD on my PCBSD 9.0 64bit machine
> with all my multimedia-related applications such as VLC, MPlayer, KsCD,
> xmms etc, my system just does not play those CD/DVD at all. When I insert
> the disc into my DVD drive and then click on the play button on those
> application, the progress meter just move for less than a second and then
> it either
> 1. does nothing - if only one track/file is selected; or
> 2. switch to the next track in less than a second, and then switch to
> another next track in less then another second, and on and on - if more
> than one track are selected from the play list
> So far I have not been able to play any multimedia disc on my PCBSD9
> machine at all due to this symptom.
> I wonder how many of you have encountered this issue? Have any of you been
> able to play multimedia discs on your PCBSD machine without doing any
> additional setting? What would have caused this issue?
> Cheers,
> Sam
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> Hello!

I also discovered that many multimedia applications do not seem to be able
to play music directly from the CD.  Once I ripped the music to my HDD,
they worked fine, so I believed it to be a deficiency of those
applications.  However, I happened to try *decibel* for playing CDs
directly, and it works nicely.. I may have had to adjust the input and or
output devices within the settings, but that is all.  I have not compared
this one functional multimedia application to the others to discover why it
works.  Ordinarily I use Clementine (clementine-player) for streaming audio
or playing music files.
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