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Gary gw0694892 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 12:25:43 PST 2012


I have attempted to download PC-BSD 8.2 on four separate occasions over
some months during 2011/2012 and using different mirrors, all without any
success.  Each time the checksum does not match the checksum number copied
from the information prior to downloading.

This morning, I attempted a download of PC-BSD 9 RC-3 to test if the
problem was with version 8.2 only.  To my dismay, version 9 has also
failed, the checksum not matching the one on the shown in the download

*I am only having checksum errors from PC-BSD and no where else.*

*I have download FreeBSD 8.2 and OpenBSD  throughout 2011 and none of these
sites gave any trouble.  I have downloaded from various Linux distributions
in 2011, as a test, also without error.*

I have been eagerly wanting to try PC-BSD since 8.2 was released, but
unfortunately I am not able to and now I am still having the same problems
with v9.0.

I've been forced to purchase a disc from a lab situated in Australia (where
I live) but as yet I have not received it from them cannot seem to contact
them which is a concern to me.

BSD is the only OS I am interested in and would like to run PC-BSD on my
laptop for Uni.

Kind Regards,

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