[PC-BSD Support] zfs partitions or pools

Lynn Steven Killingsworth blue.seahorse.syndicate at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 17:07:06 PST 2012

Dear PC-BSD -

So since I have 2 drives that did not dismount properly I think I will  
reinstall the partitions.

Is the proper way to install zfs to install the disk mbr and then use  
zspool to create a tank?  I see that PC-BSD says that it now installs the  
OS as 4096 bit blocks.  How may I find where to tell the zspool that I  
wish 4096 as I have read you said previously the default was 512.

My OS SSD is dual boot so it is MBR.  I had been running my storage drive  
as GPT from a previous RC1 install.  Is that causing me a problem?

When using RC1 I installed Windows 7 UEFI [GPT] and then attempted to  
install RC1 in my other partition as GPT to no avail in an experiment.

Actually I guess I am asking where a quick and dirty tutorial would be  

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