[PC-BSD Support] to come from Linux to (Free|PC)BSD

Dru Lavigne dru.lavigne at att.net
Tue Aug 30 05:03:31 PDT 2011

> Hi all,
> I am from Linux (Debian & Ubuntu) and I think I will
> have to intesively 
> use FreeBSD on servers
> (DNS, Database, Routing...)
> I would like to install a (Free|PC)BSD on my laptop (Dell
> Inspiron) and 
> then virtualize a lot (KVM seems OK) in order to get used.
> For the install on a laptop, is PCBSD a good choice?
> If my Wifi chipset is ever unsupported is it probably the
> same status if 
> I try to switch to FreeBSD?
> Or more precisely: What FreeBSD derivative would you
> recommend if 
> wanting to have a usable laptop that can virtualize several
> flavors of 
> FreeBSD derivatives?
> I'll ask the same question on the main FreeBSD list.
port mailing list


Yes, PC-BSD is a good choice for a FreeBSD desktop as it is ready to use after the installation. 

Regarding wireless, FreeBSD and PC-BSD use the same drivers. If your wireless doesn't "just work", you can get more information about the chipset and its driver support from the wireless testing page: http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php/Wireless_Testing.



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