[PC-BSD Support] Can't start GUI installer on 8.1-RELEASE #1

Dan Hargens dhargens at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 10:21:09 PDT 2010

I picked up a copy of the 8.1 Hubble (i386) at LinuxFest Ohio this
weekend, and am trying to install it. I'm overwriting a system that is
a CentOS box and runs successfully.

I get the following video error after the boot:

Detecting X Setup...
Autoconfiguring X Server...done.
ERROR: Failed to start GUI Installer with detected driver... Trying VESA mode...
ERROR: Failed to start GUI Installer with VESA mode...
Please check your settings in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file
[Press Enter to Continue]

Next, after I press Enter the options are to start the gui install
(either method) or run the SysUtils (or reboot).
The Utils menu looks functional, but both of the gui installs when
chosen say "Starting PC-BSD System Installer.. Please Wait..", pause
for about 30 seconds doing stuff, then I'm returned to the
Installation Menu.

What can I provide you to help determine what's going wrong on this system?

Thanks in advance,

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