[PC-BSD Support] Windows logical drives missing in dolphin after PCBSD8.0 reinstall

dalfish Ganga dalfish at ymail.com
Sun May 2 08:03:59 PDT 2010

Dear Kris

                                         I have reinstalled PCBSD 8.0. which already have ubuntu and windows. I have just installed Ubuntu 10.04. The old Grub was replaced with Grub2. So i edited the Grub2 for an entry for PCBSD 8.0. Earlier install had file errors and i had to reinstall. During the first install All windows drives where listed in the Dolphin and was accessible. Now only the C drive of windows is accessible. So in order to verify i installed PCBSD 7.1 The windows drives were taken up and was accessible. Then i did resinstall of PCBSD 8.0. This time i noticed a message while booting 

GEOM ad6 partition2 does not start on a track boundary GEOM ad6 partition2 does not end on a track boundary
How to make the all windows drives accessible in PCBSD 8.0



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