[PC-BSD Support] Resetting display resolution - PC-BSD 8.0

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Sun Mar 7 02:30:28 PST 2010

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>> This is a known issue:
>> <http://trac.pcbsd.org/ticket/243>
>> The solution for  now is to boot with option  "7" and check
>> the upper of the two boxes in the "advanced" tab. Even with
>> the Trac issue closed, the bug isn't solved, yet.
>> Markus
> Dear Markus and Kris,
> Thanks for  the lead. I  will try  the Option "7",  but then
> this can at best be an interim solution. I suppose, step one
> would be  to go the old  classical style, and boot  into the
> command prompt  on console  (viz. remove  kdm). Then  set up
> things  by hand  before firing  X manually  with "startkde"/
> "startx". May work ...

Looks silly, replying to my own post, but this is just to give
a completion report.

What surprises  me is the  fact the  Xorg under Ubuntu  in the
same box  gives me  an auto-detected option  which works  at a
higher resolution/  depth combination, whereas that  of PC-BSD
goes on to default 1024x768 with 16 bit depth.

I did  try setting it to  1440x900 at 24 bit  colour depth. It
ran for that session, but reset  on reboot. Then I did a whole
lot of trial and error to  find that 1440x900 at 16 bit colour
depth was retaining.  The rest was a matter of  going down the
resolution ladder  to get an  optimal combo of 24  bit colour.
That, I got at 1280x960,  and things are definitely better now
.. This is  holding on across reboots, and I  did not have to
take the manual route.

So basically,  it is a matter  of Option 7 boot,  and then get
the appropriate resolution which holds across a reboot.


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