[PC-BSD Support] Resetting display resolution - PC-BSD 8.0

USM Bish usmbish at aol.com
Sat Mar 6 10:28:20 PST 2010

Kris Moore wrote:
 > Correct,  this is  pretty much  a driver  / xorg  bug, when
 > it  cant detect  the  monitor resolution  properly it  just
 > defaults  to a  failsafe  mode. Setting  the refresh  rates
 > manually is  our only  workaround at  the moment.  The only
 > thing  I  can think  to  improve  is some  detection  which
 > prompts the  user to enter  refresh rates if xorg  fails to
 > get them,  only problem is  that almost nobody  knows those
 > offhand.
 > Markus Hitter <mah at jump-ing.de> wrote:
 >> Am 06.03.2010 um 07:09 schrieb usmbish at aol.com:
 >>> I tried to  manually set xorg.conf to 1440x900  and 32 bit
 >>> depth (as used with the other two OSs), but during reboot,
 >>> a fresh xorg.conf is being  written. The video driver used
 >>> by PC-BSD is "vesa", 1024x768 with depth of 16.
[ some snipped ]
 >> This is a known issue:
 >> <http://trac.pcbsd.org/ticket/243>
 >> The solution for  now is to boot with option  "7" and check
 >> the upper of the two boxes in the "advanced" tab. Even with
 >> the Trac issue closed, the bug isn't solved, yet.
 >> Markus

Dear Markus and Kris,

Thanks for the lead. I will  try the Option "7", but then this
can at best be an interim  solution. I suppose, step one would
be to  go the old classical  style, and boot into  the command
prompt on  console (viz.  remove kdm). Then  set up  things by
hand before  firing X manually with  "startkde"/ "startx". May
work ...


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