[PC-BSD Support] Integration of PCBSD with Windows networks

Rob Hurle rob1940 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 13 22:32:24 PDT 2010

  I've just downloaded and installed PCBSD 8.0 and I must say that I'm
quite happy with it so far.  I've been a FreeBSD user since about
version 2.4 or so and have become increasingly frustrated at the way
each system has turned into rubble as ports are added and "upgraded".
The problem appeared to get worse from about 5.3 on, but PCBSD seems
to have solved this problem.  Another, similar, problem had to do with
the increasing complexity.  In the early days, I knew most of what was
going on, but with the modern system I can easily get lost and when
I'm asked questions such as "integrate with GTK?", my eyes glaze over.

  To the point.  My home setup is a router/wifi connected to a DSL
modem (we have CAT5 into the house, fibre node just down the road) and
a number of Windows systems on the home network.  PCBSD out-of-the-box
can not be seen by the Windows machines.  The smb.conf file is exactly
the same as the one successfully used on FreeBSD 7.1.  Investigations
revealed that it was the PCBSD firewall that was causing the trouble,
and that the Windows network services were not turned on by default
(an error in the defaults, in my opinion).  I allowed services 137,
138, 139, both TCP and UDP, incoming and outgoing, to pass through the
PCBSD firewall, but this was not enough - the windows computers still
gave "No network path" errors.  The only way I can achieve the
integration at the moment is to turn the firewall off.  For me, this
does not matter, since the router has its own firewall, but I'd like
to know if anyone knows which other services Microsoft uses for its

  By the way, I have a table showing all IP services used by Microsoft
systems (in .odp format) if anyone is interested in it.

Thanks for any help,
Rob Hurle
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