[PC-BSD Support] Data-swapping with Windows

Christian Baer christian.baer at uni-dortmund.de
Fri Feb 26 04:23:16 PST 2010

Markus Hitter schrieb:

>> Not with the bandwidth that's standard in Germany (max 1MBit/s Upstream,
>> usually less). I might be ok for sending around small stuff (BTW. we are
>> already using a similar concept for small amounts of data), but if you
>> are transfering 10 photos as raw-data, it's not much fun at all.
> I don't see a performance bottleneck. Encrypted data transfer (ssh,
> ssh-fs) gets about 60% of unencrypted transfer speeds which is what I
> expect. Encrypting data means increasing the number of bits to be
> transferred and I don't see how any other encryption type could change
> that to the better.

Um, dude, the bottleneck is the DSL, not SSH. ;-)

I have a few photos here made with a Nikon D3X (24MP). I currently don't
have to RAW files on this machine because they are stuffed away in the
Archive. Saved as a TIFF (with 8 bits per channel), a typical file has
59MB (LZW) or 45MB (same photo, just used ZIP as compression). I think
you can imagine, how big the RAW files are.

Moving 10, 20 or more of them over a DSL with only 1MBit/s upstream
isn't any fun - at all.


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