[PC-BSD Support] Data-swapping with Windows

Markus Hitter mah at jump-ing.de
Thu Feb 25 13:56:07 PST 2010

Am 25.02.2010 um 11:57 schrieb Christian Baer:

>> If encrypted file exchange is your goal, turn on sshd. Mac OS X and
>> Ubuntu support SSH file systems, didn't check BSDs and the newer
>> versions of MS Windows yet. Works like a charme: set it up once (URL,
>> password) and you might forget it's actually a remote share.
> Not with the bandwidth that's standard in Germany (max 1MBit/s  
> Upstream,
> usually less). I might be ok for sending around small stuff (BTW.  
> we are
> already using a similar concept for small amounts of data), but if you
> are transfering 10 photos as raw-data, it's not much fun at all.

I don't see a performance bottleneck. Encrypted data transfer (ssh,  
ssh-fs) gets about 60% of unencrypted transfer speeds which is what I  
expect. Encrypting data means increasing the number of bits to be  
transferred and I don't see how any other encryption type could  
change that to the better.


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