[PC-BSD Support] make buildworld and installworld

Christian Baer christian.baer at uni-dortmund.de
Tue Feb 23 07:58:05 PST 2010

Kris Moore schrieb:

> Well, it depends upon your comfort level with BSD. If you are
> experienced, then sure, this way is the way to go. You'll not need to
> worry about applying any PC-BSD binary updates if you track -Stable and
> such, since you'll be getting those directly from the FreeBSD tree.

I meant that I could get into trouble because the versions no longer
look right to the update mechanism of PC-BSD. When updating the world,
you don't update X and/or KDE. That has to be done seperately. And
updating them via the sources isn't much fun - even on a relatively fast

Basicly you'd be updating the base system (kernel, userland, MTA etc.)
with the sources, but you'd still want to update everything else with
the binaries. I was just wondering if there isn't a chance of running
into trouble because of these two methods.

> However, if you want to move to 8.0, I'd highly recommend just
> installing PC-BSD 8.0, since doing a manual update from 7.x -> 8.0 can
> be a HUGE pain, and require to to rebuild all of your ports, which in
> effect means you'll be running on regular FreeBSD now :P

I tried to update via sources once from one major release to the next.
It's the stuff that suicides are made of. :-)

Best wishes from Germany!

Ich kam.
Ich ging.
Und ich war da gewesen.

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