[PC-BSD Support] Data-swapping with Windows

Christian Baer christian.baer at uni-dortmund.de
Tue Feb 23 07:40:56 PST 2010

Kris Moore wrote:

> It may be possible to bring over truecrypt, since they are open-source I 
> may be able to create a FreeBSD port of it. I'm going to download a copy 
> of it and start hacking away, see how much work it would be to port it 
> over. Hopefully since its on Linux now, it'll be just minor fixes :)

As I recall, Truecrypt does compile under FreeBSD - the last time I
tried it is a fair while back though. It basicly ran but had frequent
crashes reading and or writing files. Fuse somehow sucked. Don't expect
it to be too trivial. :-)

Truecrypt under FreeBSD (or PC-BSD) would be a *real* improvement,
because it would also allow the exchange of encrypted data with Linux
and MacOSX. Sure, Truecrypt won't be able to do anything at boot time
like under Windows, but it doesn't have to. We have geli(8) for that.

If we then manage to move the FreeBSD codebase a little more in the
direction of NetBSD, the System would be getting close to perfect. ;-)


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