[PC-BSD Support] Data-swapping with Windows

Christian Baer christian.baer at uni-dortmund.de
Mon Feb 22 12:02:09 PST 2010

Hello Folks!

After working with FreeBSD for several years (sind version 3.something),
I thought I'd give PC-BSD a shot. FreeBSD and I weren't always best
friends (which started mainly after 5.0), but we got along somehow. :-)

FreeBSD works on the Desktop but setting it up is a pain - as Kris said
quite correctly in several presentations all around YouTube. I have
often tried to set up a workstation using FreeBSD and found myself
resolving and cursing over dependency issues. This happened partly
already during setup but really killed the fun when I tried to update
some app over the ports. When I got it to work, I had a lot of fun
cutting off all the leaves that were required at compile-time but not at

That reminds me, do the ports work when you build anything with the -j 2
option? I haven't tried that for something like two years. :-)

There is one function I need, that somehow has made me stick to Windows
or Linux on the Desktop. I need to exchange data between several
Windows-boxes and my workstation via encrypted file-systems. Basicly
this means, using some sort of USB-drive with encrypted data. Under
Windows, Truecrypt pretty much is the software of choice, which also
runs under Linux.

Somehow I am missing such an option under xBSD. Or am I just missing the
solution here?

Exchanging data with Windows-systems is regarded as usefull and
necessary, which is proven by the capability of most OSs to read and
write the Windows file-systems (FAT and NTFS). In times where
cryptography is pretty much commonplace, the wish to do the same with
encrypted filesystems doesn't seem that far fetched.

Is this somehow possible with PC-BSD or is it something that I can keep
on wishing for until kingdom come? ;-)


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