[PC-BSD Support] More screen resolutions

Markus Hitter mah at jump-ing.de
Mon Feb 8 10:55:49 PST 2010

Am 08.02.2010 um 16:55 schrieb Kris Moore:

> While I'm not sure how to "trick" kde into taking a new resolution,  
> you
> should be able to set anything you want at install time and KDE will
> leave it alone when it loads. When you reboot and hit option "7" for
> display setup wizard, and change to your 1152x864 resolution does it
> switch properly when you click "apply"

After a about a dozen reboots, I'm pretty sure I can switch down to  
800x600, but not higher than 1024x768. Higher resolutions are  
offered, though.

I've put ticket 243 into trac to get the issue tracked. Ideally, Xorg  
has some switch to accept non-recomended resolutions.

BTW., what's the plan? Better fix PC-BSD's display setup and get rid  
of KDE's or to get rid of the former and fix the later? GNOME hat a  
display setup thingy as well and CLI junkies can use xrandr, so PC- 
BSD doesn't have to depend on it's own.


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