[PC-BSD Support] Help with installation (dualboot windows xp, pc-bsd replacing linux)

zhjermia zhjermia at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 06:46:03 PDT 2009

Just report back, and maybe it'll be useful for other who seek similar  
information. This is what i did (as suggested):
1. Open compmgmt.msc in windows.
2. Delete all linux partition, create new primary partition there.
3. Install GAG. straight forward and very easy.
4. Install pc-bsd, to the new partition, without the pc-bsd  
bootloader. In my case, it's safe for my windows partition. It's not  
touched during the whole process.
5. Add each OS to GAG.
Overall it was actually simple and easy.
Wireless networking need a little work to setup. But display  
resolution can't get more than 800x600 using vesa. Perhaps that's  
because i use 64bit version. My graphic card is nvidia 7050pv, onboard  
Abit M2HD. Nv doesn't work. So i decided to left it on my harddisk but  
I boot back to windows.
Thanks to all who replied and gave direction.


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>   1. Re: Help with installation (dualboot windows xp,    pc-bsd
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> Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 07:59:48 +0700
> From: Jermia <zhjermia at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [PC-BSD Support] Help with installation (dualboot windows
>    xp,    pc-bsd replacing linux)
> To: Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org>
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> Hi, Kris,
> are you the one who create PC-BSD? Wow, I didn't expect that you  
> will reply
> to my message. I never get any message from Linus Torvalds, Bill  
> Gates, or
> Steve Jobs, hehehe :-).
> Thanks for your reply. It's short but clear. After some comments  
> from you
> and others, now I understand that it's safe to leave the data in  
> windows
> partition as it is. But for safety, I'll still copy few very  
> important data
> - business files - to my portable HDD.
> OK, I'll do as you suggest when I have free time, expecting this  
> evening.
> I've downloaded the GAG and the documentation is clear too. I'll  
> report back
> to here when I've had success installing PC-BSD.
> Thank you.
> Jermia.Zh
> On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 8:37 PM, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org> wrote:
>> Sounds like you are thinking this one though first, which is great :)
>> PC-BSD needs to be installed on a primary partition, so here's what  
>> I'd
>> recommend to do:
>> First, grab a new bootloader, since grub will probably not work  
>> with these
>> changes. I would use
>> GAG, "http://gag.sourceforge.net/" since it's one of the better
>> boot-loaders I've run across.
>> Next, go into XP, and delete your linux partitions, and create a new
>> primary partition with
>> the free space, you can pre-format it with ntfs / fat, it doesn't  
>> really
>> matter. After
>> that is done, just install PC-BSD to the new primary partition, and  
>> make
>> sure you uncheck
>> the option for the boot-loader. Then when you boot up for the first  
>> time,
>> hit "S" for setup in
>> GAG, and you can create an icon for BSD easily.
>> That should be it!
>> --
>> Kris Moore
>> PC-BSD Software
>> On Thu, 8 Oct 2009, Jermia wrote:
>>  Dear all,
>>> I'm new here and want to try pc-bsd after trying linux (ubuntu,  
>>> and last
>>> time mandriva) and feels don't like it. I'm not experts with
>>> computer or operating system, and use windows xp all the time. I  
>>> don't
>>> like linux because it consumes lot of my time to get everything
>>> working. Beside that, if hardware drivers are OK, when there's  
>>> update,
>>> there will be items added to my GRUB. It takes me hours just to
>>> find out how to get rid of old files. With xp, I can start working
>>> immediately.
>>> Then why I want to try pc-bsd? That's because I'd like to find out  
>>> if it
>>> gives me similar experience to linux or to windows. If it can
>>> start working for me rightaway, I'll use pc-bsd because it's free,  
>>> and I
>>> heard about its stability for long time running.
>>> I need help for guiding installation.
>>> Currently my harddisk is partitioned like this (HDD 160GB):
>>>     a. NTFS for windows XP (~ 60 GB)
>>> b. Something used by linux previously (~256 MB), I don't know if  
>>> it's
>>> primary or extended.
>>> c. Swap Linux (~2 GB). Is this one supposed to be primary or  
>>> extended?
>>> d. Linux (~80 GB). Is this one supposed to be primary or extended?
>>> As for now, I'd like to still have windows xp, so I want to  
>>> replace the
>>> linux partition with pc-bsd. Right now, I use GRUB from linux
>>> installation for boot manager.
>>> I know that I can delete linux partition using disk management in  
>>> windows
>>> xp (compmgmt.msc). But I'm afraid I will delete the GRUB, and
>>> cannot boot my computer at all.
>>> So my question:
>>>     1. Is it safe just to delete all linux partition using windows  
>>> disk
>>> management, and start installing pc-bsd with its boot
>>>     manager on the unpartitioned volume? (meaning: will it also  
>>> wipe out
>>> the NTFS volume or not?)
>>> 2. Do I have to backup my windows xp data before doing the #1  
>>> above, or
>>> I'm safe to go without backing up? The reason for this
>>> question is because I actually don't have any more space in my  
>>> portable
>>> harddisk to do backup for my huge data in My Document
>>> folder. Other important data already filled up the portable  
>>> harddisk. So
>>> if it's not safe, I will buy another harddisk.
>>> 3. How if I want to use GAG instead?
>>> Thank you in advance.
>>> Jermia.Zh
>>> !DSPAM:1,4acd3b9915311574119718!
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