[PC-BSD Support] Help with installation (dualboot windows xp, pc-bsd replacing linux)

Jermia zhjermia at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 17:59:48 PDT 2009

Hi, Kris,

are you the one who create PC-BSD? Wow, I didn't expect that you will reply
to my message. I never get any message from Linus Torvalds, Bill Gates, or
Steve Jobs, hehehe :-).
Thanks for your reply. It's short but clear. After some comments from you
and others, now I understand that it's safe to leave the data in windows
partition as it is. But for safety, I'll still copy few very important data
- business files - to my portable HDD.
OK, I'll do as you suggest when I have free time, expecting this evening.
I've downloaded the GAG and the documentation is clear too. I'll report back
to here when I've had success installing PC-BSD.
Thank you.


On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 8:37 PM, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org> wrote:

> Sounds like you are thinking this one though first, which is great :)
> PC-BSD needs to be installed on a primary partition, so here's what I'd
> recommend to do:
> First, grab a new bootloader, since grub will probably not work with these
> changes. I would use
> GAG, "http://gag.sourceforge.net/" since it's one of the better
> boot-loaders I've run across.
> Next, go into XP, and delete your linux partitions, and create a new
> primary partition with
> the free space, you can pre-format it with ntfs / fat, it doesn't really
> matter. After
> that is done, just install PC-BSD to the new primary partition, and make
> sure you uncheck
> the option for the boot-loader. Then when you boot up for the first time,
> hit "S" for setup in
> GAG, and you can create an icon for BSD easily.
> That should be it!
> --
> Kris Moore
> PC-BSD Software
> On Thu, 8 Oct 2009, Jermia wrote:
>   Dear all,
>> I'm new here and want to try pc-bsd after trying linux (ubuntu, and last
>> time mandriva) and feels don't like it. I'm not experts with
>> computer or operating system, and use windows xp all the time. I don't
>> like linux because it consumes lot of my time to get everything
>> working. Beside that, if hardware drivers are OK, when there's update,
>> there will be items added to my GRUB. It takes me hours just to
>> find out how to get rid of old files. With xp, I can start working
>> immediately.
>> Then why I want to try pc-bsd? That's because I'd like to find out if it
>> gives me similar experience to linux or to windows. If it can
>> start working for me rightaway, I'll use pc-bsd because it's free, and I
>> heard about its stability for long time running.
>> I need help for guiding installation.
>> Currently my harddisk is partitioned like this (HDD 160GB):
>>      a. NTFS for windows XP (~ 60 GB)
>> b. Something used by linux previously (~256 MB), I don't know if it's
>> primary or extended.
>> c. Swap Linux (~2 GB). Is this one supposed to be primary or extended?
>> d. Linux (~80 GB). Is this one supposed to be primary or extended?
>> As for now, I'd like to still have windows xp, so I want to replace the
>> linux partition with pc-bsd. Right now, I use GRUB from linux
>> installation for boot manager.
>> I know that I can delete linux partition using disk management in windows
>> xp (compmgmt.msc). But I'm afraid I will delete the GRUB, and
>> cannot boot my computer at all.
>> So my question:
>>      1. Is it safe just to delete all linux partition using windows disk
>> management, and start installing pc-bsd with its boot
>>      manager on the unpartitioned volume? (meaning: will it also wipe out
>> the NTFS volume or not?)
>> 2. Do I have to backup my windows xp data before doing the #1 above, or
>> I'm safe to go without backing up? The reason for this
>> question is because I actually don't have any more space in my portable
>> harddisk to do backup for my huge data in My Document
>> folder. Other important data already filled up the portable harddisk. So
>> if it's not safe, I will buy another harddisk.
>> 3. How if I want to use GAG instead?
>> Thank you in advance.
>> Jermia.Zh
>> !DSPAM:1,4acd3b9915311574119718!
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