[PC-BSD Support] Help with installation (dualboot windows xp, pc-bsd replacing linux)

Jermia zhjermia at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 18:00:10 PDT 2009

Dear all,

I'm new here and want to try pc-bsd after trying linux (ubuntu, and last
time mandriva) and feels don't like it. I'm not experts with computer or
operating system, and use windows xp all the time. I don't like linux
because it consumes lot of my time to get everything working. Beside
that, if hardware drivers are OK, when there's update, there will be items
added to my GRUB. It takes me hours just to find out how to get rid of old
files. With xp, I can start working immediately.

Then why I want to try pc-bsd? That's because I'd like to find out if it
gives me similar experience to linux or to windows. If it can start working
for me rightaway, I'll use pc-bsd because it's free, and I heard about its
stability for long time running.

I need help for guiding installation.
Currently my harddisk is partitioned like this (HDD 160GB):

a. NTFS for windows XP (~ 60 GB)
b. Something used by linux previously (~256 MB), I don't know if it's
primary or extended.
c. Swap Linux (~2 GB). Is this one supposed to be primary or extended?
d. Linux (~80 GB). Is this one supposed to be primary or extended?

As for now, I'd like to still have windows xp, so I want to replace the
linux partition with pc-bsd. Right now, I use GRUB from linux
installation for boot manager.

I know that I can delete linux partition using disk management in windows xp
(compmgmt.msc). But I'm afraid I will delete the GRUB, and cannot boot my
computer at all.

So my question:

1. Is it safe just to delete all linux partition using windows disk
management, and start installing pc-bsd with its boot manager on the
unpartitioned volume? (meaning: will it also wipe out the NTFS volume or
2. Do I have to backup my windows xp data before doing the #1 above, or I'm
safe to go without backing up? The reason for this question is because I
actually don't have any more space in my portable harddisk to do backup for
my huge data in My Document folder. Other important data already filled up
the portable harddisk. So if it's not safe, I will buy another harddisk.
3. How if I want to use GAG instead?

Thank you in advance.

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