[PC-BSD Support] bluetooth PC-BSD laptop HP 550

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Wed Nov 11 06:31:37 PST 2009

Вячеслав Бельгинин wrote:
> Good afternoon! Has established pc-bsd 7.1.1 on laptop HP 550. Now it
> is necessary on to be on friendly terms it with a mobile phone through
> bluetooth.
> I carry out following actions:
> sudo kldload ng_bt3c
> /boot/loader.conf
> ng_bt3c_load="YES"
> /var/log/messages
>  pcbsd root: Unknown USB device: vendor 0x03f0 product 0x171d bus uhub0
>  pcbsd kernel: ugen0: <Broadcom Corp HP Integrated Module, class
> 224/1, rev 2.00/1.00, addr 2> on uhub0
>  pcbsd sudo: user : TTY=ttyp1 ; PWD=/usr/home/user ; USER=root ;
> COMMAND=/etc/rc.d/bluetooth start ugen0
>  pcbsd user: /etc/rc.d/bluetooth: ERROR: Unsupported device: ugen0
> When I have made it the first time. My mobile could find the laptop.
> But after reboot has flatly refused. More precisely now wash mobile
> "does not see" the laptop.
> Can for pc-bsd there is any graphic program of adjustment bluetooth.
>  As a result I need to adjust gprs through a mobile phone.
> For earlier, thanks!

At this point we don't have a bluetooth GUI in PC-BSD, so you'll need to 
continue to setup
via the command-line.

However, it looks like its not supporting your particular bluetooth 
device in the USB stack. This
will be changing greatly with PC-BSD 8.0, which has a new USB backend, 
so when we release a beta of it,
perhaps you could re-test to confirm if it fixes your problem.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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