[PC-BSD Support] Error with RealPlayer

Jose Luis Alarcon Sanchez jlalarcon at gawab.com
Sun May 17 06:12:06 PDT 2009


I just installed linux-realplayer from the ports (on Galileo Edition). When i try to run:

% /usr/local/bin/realplay

(realplay.bin:24512): Gtk-WARNING **: Imposible encontrar el motor de estilos en module_path: «qtcurve»,

(realplay.bin:24512): Pango-WARNING **: No builtin or dynamically loaded modules
were found. Pango will not work correctly. This probably means
there was an error in the creation of:
You may be able to recreate this file by running pango-querymodules.

(realplay.bin:24512): Pango-CRITICAL **: _pango_engine_shape_shape: assertion `PANGO_IS_FONT (font)' failed

Pango-ERROR **: file shape.c: line 75 (pango_shape): assertion failed: (glyphs->num_glyphs > 0)

Can anybody help with this, please?.

Thanks you very much, in advance.



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