[PC-BSD Support] Drivers for Canon MX series of multifunction printers

Dale Cornibe dcornibe at gmail.com
Thu May 14 13:22:21 PDT 2009

Hello, I'm just trying out PC-BSD and so far I like it.  I'm not a techie
(although I probably know a little more about computers than the average
home user), so I don't know how to write code, compile anything,
command-line anything, whatever.  I'm just looking for a solid alternative
to Windows that is more stable but doesn't force me into small amounts of
hardware power for big $$$ (i.e., Apple Macintosh).

Getting to the point - When I was trying to install my Canon PIXMA MX700
multifunction printer last night after installing PC-BSD, I did not see it
or any MX series Canon printers listed.  Are there any plans to make a PBI
for the MX series for PC-BSD/FreeBSD?

Also, again since I'm not a techie (but I'm picking up on a few little
things here and there), I'm a little lost in the area of installing a
printer on a network with PC-BSD, even with the GUI.  Here's my situation: I
have a NETGEAR WGR-614 wireless router.  The computer I installed PC-BSD on,
though, is hard-wired with Ethernet, as is my printer in question.  How
would I go about, in a strictly graphical way (no command line), add this
printer?  Do I choose Network Printer, then Internet Connected Printer (I
forgot exactly what it said)?  What do I put for "host"?  Is that the same
as the IP address for the printer?  If so, how do I get the computer to talk
to the printer every time if that IP is assigned by DHCP?  Do I have to make
that a static IP, and if so, how?  Then what do I put in for directory right
below that?  And getting back to the first issue, what driver do I choose
from the list if MX700 is not there?  Is there a similar driver that works
just as well?

On a completely side issue, just in trying out PC-BSD, the first night my
VLC player crashed twice.  What's up with this?  I thought FreeBSD and Unix
in general was pretty much "crashproof".  Oh well, at least when it crashed
it only gave an error message with an OK and that was it; I was able to get
out of it immediately.  Not like Windows, where I can oftentimes click "End
Now" over and over until many of those windows pop up and nothing will work
unless I physically turn off the computer or, sometimes, have to hit the
button on the power strip!  I want no more of that crap in my computing

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