[PC-BSD Support] PC-BSD 7.1 being user friendly

dalibor kollar dalibor.kollar at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 11:09:09 PDT 2009


after several weeks with PC-BSD 7.1, I have few remarks concerning user
interface of PC-BSD. I'm new to BSD and it's possible that there are trivial
solutions for these things, but anyway:

1 - Boot manager, Partition manager, tool for mounting my non-ufs

- when I'm testing new OS, I will create partition on machine with at least
one other OS and I won't sacrifice all my files just to format entire HDD to
test this OS. So there should be easy-to-use boot manager, partition manager
and tool for mounting my partitions. All this should be available when I
boot from installation dvd and after install in system menu as well. When
new OS seems to be OK, I will eventually increase the size of its partition
(this alone is a problem I wasn't able to solve at all). Commont user can't
be bothered to search the net for several days just to find tools and
information needed to install something that stays on his drive just for few

2 - Problems with KDE4:

2a- missing log files in KSystemLog:
The file '/var/log/syslog' does not exist.
The file '/var/log/daemon.log' does not exist.
2b- KDE information center - section about partitions: I have 4 partitions
on my HDD, information center shows 12 partitions, incl. dvd-drive. Without
proper description that would make sense. Absolutely useless.

3 - System settings -> System manager -> portsnap function. The progress bar
crashes at ca. 60%, nothing happens after this. Always. Manual "portsnap
fetch update" works fine.

4 - System settings -> standard applications:

- after changing default file manager from dolphin to krusader, the widget
showing recently and newly connected removable disks is not working at all.
USB stick and card reader that worked fine is not detected anymore. After
switching back to dolphin, everything works again.

5 - Automatic (or semi-automatic at least) manager to mount USB sticks,
external usb disks and card readers without fiddling in terminal. If there
is something like this, it's not working like it should. I had to mount my
usb stock manually.

6 - Ports collection: I've installed firefox-3.5.b4,1 (
ports/www/firefox3-devel/). New entry in application launcher -Internet
appeared. I have installed Firefox from PBI as well (3.0.10) which I'm using
regularly. When I started FF with this new shortcut FF started, but not
3.5.  3.0.10. How can I start 3.5?

7 - how do I remove kopete for example? It's not installed as a package, so
pkg_info doesn't shows it, thus pkg_delete is out of question. It would be
great if there was some menu with all the installed KDE applications, not
just PBIs.

So PC-BSD as user friendly system? I can't imagine my wife installing and
using it... :-)


dalibor kollar
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