[PC-BSD Support] Adobe Acrobat 8.1.4 in Linux Compatibility Mode

USM Bish usmbish at aol.com
Mon Apr 6 11:01:46 PDT 2009

In the  process of  learning things,  I installed  the current
linux binary of Adobe Acrobat  Ver 8.1.4 as the first exercise
in running linux  compatibility mode. Yes, I  did the required
RTFM and  installed it within the  /compat/linux tree. Getting
it off the blocks needed some alterations though. This is what
I was faced with a strange message (quoted here for the humour

bish at pcbsd$ acroread
The OS named  FreeBSD version 7.1-PRERELEASE  is currently not 
installed.Try running on an installed platform and connecting to your 
Installed platform(s) include the following:
bish at pcbsd$

How can you quote an OS which is not running/ installed ?

Fortunately,  acroread  is  a  shell script  wrapper  for  the
binary,  and the  use of  the /compat/linux  shell instead  of
using the FreeBSD shell did  the trick.  I changed the shabang
from  "#!/bin/sh" to  "#!/compat/linux/bin/sh". Cheers,  I had
acrobat  running  ...  Well,  almost. This  version  of  Linux
Acrobat depends  upon libgtkembedmoz for HTML  rendering, so a
few functions do not work, like some "Help" options. PDF rend-
ering worked just fine.

libgtkembedmoz used to be a portion of firefox-2.x.x but seems
to be  missing in version  3 of firefox installed  with PC-BSD
7.0.x.  It  should be  there  in  SeaMonkey. Is  this  library
there with  some other  smaller package, or  independently for
compilation ? It is not in the ports.


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