[PC-BSD Support] Installing the warden and its inmates

USM Bish usmbish at aol.com
Mon Apr 6 09:56:23 PDT 2009

Kris Moore wrote:
 > USM Bish wrote:
[ some snipped ]
 >> How do  I do  it from  the command  line ?  I am  much more
 >> comfortable from the console rather than this GUI approach,
 >> where I really cannot make out what is going on !
 >> Where can the docs for jails/ wardens/ inmates be found ?
 > There  should be  a "warden"  command  you can  run via  the
 > CLI,  and you  can run  "warden menu"  to bring  up a  small
 > dialog-based menu  system as well.  You can run  "warden" by
 > itself  for a  listing of  commands, and  then "warden  help
 > <command>"  for  more  specific information.  As  for  docs,
 > its  still  on my  todo  list,  I  plan  on adding  them  to
 > wiki.pcbsd.org over the summer :)

Eureka ! Kris,  this was specifically what I  was looking for.
Now it is a matter  of experimentation and finding out things.
Learnt a few  things already, and being  without docs actually
makes things interesting ;-) Lets see what all unfurls !

Would be waiting for your docs ...

Incidentally, I have ventured to your  wiki pages on one of my
web  sojourns earlier.  This is  still  in its  infancy (?  on
MediaWiki  s/w). It  is a  good idea  to have  a wiki  running
with community  participation, if  that is the  ultimate goal.
Afterall, it  is not possible  for developers to take  care of
everything ... irrespective of how important documentation may

Incidentally,  what are  the  policies for  getting a  "users"
write access  on the  wiki ... Surely,  there would  be people
willing to lend a hand in areas like documentation.


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