[PC-BSD Support] Open Sound Issue or OS issue ?

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Apr 6 08:10:20 PDT 2009

USM Bish wrote:
> Like many  have posted before,  the issue again is  related to
> sound on my  laptop. But then, I am not  being able to fathom,
> as to  whether it  is an  oss issue or  is it  to do  with the
> kernel.  This  mail is  a  bit  long,  but to  shorten  things
> (somewhat), I have placed three text outputs from my system as
> attachments for diagnostic purposes.
> I have  a Dell  Inspiron 1520,  which I am  using for  over 16
> months now, (the hardware components from pciconf output of my
> system  attached). Mine would be one  of  the best  boxes  for
> comparisons because I have  four OSs concurrently running from
> native partitions (not  on vmware), on the same  box. They are
> Win-XP, SuSE-11, OpenSolaris 2008.5 and PC-BSD 7.0.1.
> Yes,  the   hardware  is  definitely  Win-friendly,   and  all
> hardware, specially  sound is not supported  by available open
> source drivers for  the *nices. For SuSE,  sound is functional
> under ALSA, though microphone could not be made to work.
> My  surprise  is under  OpenSolaris  and  PC-BSD. I  am  using
> exactly the  same OSS  driver for  both OSs  on the  same box.
> (Debug  info  for both  OSs  attached).  Whereas I  get  sound
> perfectly (no microphone though) on OpenSolaris, for PC-BSD it
> is still a silent box.
> My question  is, if  the same OSS  driver (version  and build)
> works under  one OS,  why should  not it  work for  another on
> exactly the same box ?
> Bish
> PS : I am not sure if attachments are permitted on this list.
> If not, I will post them inline in a follow-up mail.

Thanks for the info! It looks like your chipset 82801H is supported by 
snd_hda in 7.1, and I have it in our list of supported sound cards. Can 
you test it out on PC-BSD 7.1 a bit later this week? It should just work 
out of box. If not, send me the diagnostic sheet again without reverting 
to the other OSS driver.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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