[PC-BSD Support] disappering symlinks

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Sun Apr 5 14:42:44 PDT 2009

We don't ship any scripts that monkey with the various symlinks here. My guess would be that some 3rd party program is removing them. What did you install via ports on this system?

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cynique wrote:
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 > 1st issue
 > ---------
 > after  some  twiddling   (installing,  ifconfig  up/down)  i
 > couldn't  login  as a  normal  user  (via  ssh and  even  on
 > console).  only  root  worked.  i  figured  out  that  ~home
 > symbolic  link (to  /usr/home)  disappeared and  /etc/passwd
 > entries were  pointing to  nowhere. thus  no login.  after i
 > setup back  the symbolic  link everything works  fine. after
 > this i rewrote /etc/passwd to  point to /usr/home instead of
 > /home.

I am also a relative newcomer to PC-BSD, and no authority, but
these sumlinks to  /home and /Programs are by  default, set at
initial installation.  I do not  run on  a server, just  on my
laptop, but  with recurrent boots  and much shorter  uptime, I
have faced no such issue. My /etc/passwd works on the symlinks
stated without any issues:

[bish at pcbsd ~]$ ls -al /home
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  8 Mar 14 17:11 /home -> /usr/home
[bish at pcbsd ~]$ ls -al /Programs
lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  13 Dec  5 19:37 /Programs -> /usr/Programs
[bish at pcbsd ~]$ cat /etc/passwd | grep bish
bish:*:1001:1001:USM Bish:/home/bish:/usr/local/bin/bash
[bish at pcbsd ~]$

[ some more snipped ]
 > so  my question  is: does  anyone please  have any  idea why
 > those symlinks are disappearing?

If they are disappearing after reboot, then there must be some
'rm' somewhere  in the  boot processes  within /etc  or during
startup of  /PCBSD scripts, which  has come in  with something
that has  been installed  later. This should  not happen  on a
running system !

Just a guess ...


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