[PC-BSD Support] disappering symlinks

cynique cynique.nada at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 08:43:25 PDT 2009


i've setup a pcbsd (7.10, fibonacci edition) box some weeks ago and use
it as a home "server". it runs for ~35 days now with load averages ~1.30
i didn't have any problems with stability - it's rock solid and i really
like the port system and overall design. imho it's much cleaner than linux.

nevertheless i've run into two problems with disappearing symbolic
links. i think i've done my homework, but haven't found any info so i'm
writing here for your generous help.

1st issue
after some twiddling (installing, ifconfig up/down) i couldn't login as
a normal user (via ssh and even on console). only root worked. i figured
out that ~home symbolic link (to /usr/home) disappeared and /etc/passwd
entries were pointing to nowhere. thus no login. after i setup back the
symbolic link everything works fine. after this i rewrote /etc/passwd to
point to /usr/home instead of /home.

2nd issue
again, after some twiddling ~Programs disappeared. i figured this out
when i wanted to run warden - port was installed but didn't run
(/Programs was in the path, not /usr/Programs). again, after doing a new
symlink everything works fine.

so my question is: does anyone please have any idea why those symlinks
are disappearing?

thank you,

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