[PC-BSD Support] Installing the warden and its inmates

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Sun Apr 5 05:37:59 PDT 2009

In the gui, simply right-click the jail you want to use and select "install inmate". It'll ask you for the .wit file at that point.

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I wanted to get an AMP  environment into place quickly, and in
the process  downloaded the Warden  pbi (Ver 0.9.1  for PC-BSD
7.x) and an associated warden inmate (Joomla1.5.8.wit).

The TheWarden0.9.1-PV0.pbi installed just fine, and I was able
to set up a new jail  with port tree included. However I could
not find  a method  of installing the  AMP modules  within the
jail.  As per  the documentation,  on the  site "This  package
requires "The Warden" to install & run", I did precisely that,
and tried  to "import"  this package into  the jail  using the

The  issue  is,  the  "warden"   looks  for  ".wdn"  file  for
installation, and  the one I have  is a ".wit" file,  which it
fails to recognise.

How do I populate the jail with the inmates ?


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