[PC-BSD Support] Bug inside the installation process, FDISK related.

sdavtaker at gmail.com sdavtaker at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 19:05:07 PST 2008

Im using it right now and cant reinstall until next weekend, anyway
here is the working hd layout. (the one i sliced with win fdisk).

root at pcbsd# fdisk /dev/ad0
******* Working on device /dev/ad0 *******
parameters extracted from in-core disklabel are:
cylinders=969021 heads=16 sectors/track=63 (1008 blks/cyl)

Figures below won't work with BIOS for partitions not in cyl 1
parameters to be used for BIOS calculations are:
cylinders=969021 heads=16 sectors/track=63 (1008 blks/cyl)

Media sector size is 512
Warning: BIOS sector numbering starts with sector 1
Information from DOS bootblock is:
The data for partition 1 is:
sysid 7 (0x07),(OS/2 HPFS, NTFS, QNX-2 (16 bit) or Advanced UNIX)
    start 2048, size 767051768 (374536 Meg), flag 0
        beg: cyl 0/ head 32/ sector 33;
        end: cyl 1023/ head 254/ sector 63
The data for partition 2 is:
sysid 165 (0xa5),(FreeBSD/NetBSD/386BSD)
    start 767053854, size 209714274 (102399 Meg), flag 80 (active)
        beg: cyl 134/ head 2/ sector 1;
        end: cyl 311/ head 15/ sector 63
The data for partition 3 is:
The data for partition 4 is:

Hope it helps, i will send futher info at weekend.

On 10/27/08, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.com> wrote:
> Sdävtaker wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Please forgive my precary english, it is not my main language.
>> I was trying the fibonacci yesterday and i found a little bug in the
>> installation program.
>> I installed it in 2 different machines, one selected to install full
>> HD with PCBSD. It successed installation.
>> After that i tried to install it in one PC with MSWV, (here starts the
>> problems)
>> I got a 465GB SATA2 HD in that one, i reduced the WV slice to 365GB
>> and left empty 100GB for PCBSD at HD end.
>> Started installation, selected all default options, and when copying
>> the files it says all files failed to been writen and at 56%
>> installation proposes to reboot after fail the installation.
>> After retry a few times, validate de image and the files I created the
>> secondary slice /dev/ad0s2 in WV and installed PCBSD in that secondary
>> slice created by WV and it success the installation, I think the FDISK
>> used in PCBSD is not capable of understand big disks (half tera).
>> Hope the report helps.
>> See ya.
>> Sdav
> Did you install this with Version 7.0 or Version 7.0.1 ISO's? We fixed a
> problem recently with partition / slice sizing in 7.0.1 which may help
> in this issue. If you are on 7.0.1 already, can you do this so we can
> see whats wrong?
> 1. Start the install like you did:
> 2. Right-click on the background, and bring up "xterm" during the install
> 3. Run "df -h" to see how much space is showing up on the /mnt mount
> 4. Run fdisk /dev/ad0 and send us the output so we can see how it
> partitioned your disk.
> Thanks!
> --
> Kris Moore
> PC-BSD Software
> http://www.pcbsd.com

Sdävtaker prays to Rikku goddess for a good treasure.

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