[PC-BSD Support] pcbsd installer problem

Rance Hall ranceh at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 07:34:14 PST 2008

hey gang, I need some help tracking down a problem I have with the
pcbsd installer.

normally you want swap space to be some multiple of your ram, (like
2x) so if you tell the pcbsd installer that you want to change the
default disk layout and reserve MORE for swap then the installer never
performs the creation of the file systems after the creation of the
partitions (which seem to go okay)

I duplicated this on several install platforms, so its for sure a real
problem.  My real issue is that I have an install with multiple disks
and wanted to use one of them as /home

the frontend of the installer seems to provide the tools for this type
of custom install, but it just doesnt work.  anything "interesting"
has to be done post-install

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