[PC-BSD Support] lost data trouble

t-u-t marshc187 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 16:26:10 PST 2008

hi, i have a big and weird problem on 7.0.1 i386.
i have 2 hard disks, one for pcbsd, and one new one for XP, split into 2
ntfs partitions - one for windows and one to store
all my files - music, videos, pics, etc ( so i don't lose them if i need to
reformat windows.

all of my files where still on my UFS volume where bsd is and i was moving
them to the 2nd ntfs partition (from terminal).

when i finished all files, i checked they were all there, on the right disk
and even watched a couple of video files and
unrar-ed an archive;  but when i rebooted into windows i couldn't see any
files ( hidden or not). i rebooted back into
pcbsd and still i can't see any files.

the disk is still showing as 46% full with about 50gb used from about 119gb
from both windows and pcbsd, but still i can;t
see any files.

any clues?


ce la vie
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