[PC-BSD Support] Kamera not working in PC-BSD 1.5

Jeff Roberson jroberson at chesapeake.net
Fri Mar 21 04:11:32 PST 2008


I recently installed PC-BSD for my wife to try out.  She requires support 
for her digital camera which libgphoto detects successfully.  When I 
install Kamera from ports I can configure and detect the camera via the 
Control Center, however, no files show up in Konquerer.  gtkam is able to 
download photos from the device but it's not nearly as nice as integrated 
support would be.

I also notice that most other kde multimedia apps are included.  Was this 
one omitted for some reason?  Is it known not to work?  Should the ports 
version be compatible with the installed kde?

This is jeff at freebsd.org btw.  I have to say this is all together a very 
impressive project.  Keep up the good work.  I never imagined BSD could be 
so friendly. (except for the camera support.. ;)


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