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Andreas Betschart andreas at ultra7.ch
Thu Mar 20 14:13:56 PST 2008


Thanks for the quick answer! Wow, you are fast!

I was playing music in Amarok and as I told you, the sound was very choppy. I 
tried to figure out what caused this. I installed Gkrellm but it didn't show 
anything special. Only when it was really bad there was a spike in the 
harddrive monitor, but not always. I opend a console and looked at the output 
of top, but nothing suspicious showed up. Then I tried the scientific 
approach. I closed all programs, opened Kaffeine and played some music. Well, 
the choppines was immediately gone. I tried Amarok again --- perfect sound. I 
reopend all the programs, nothing. I can't make the sound choppy anymore...

I just installed the SMP Hotfix and now I can see all four CPUs in systat and 
dmesg. Fantastic!

Thanks a lot.


>Go ahead and run your online-updater, you should have a kernel hotfix 
>available now, which will add the proper SMP support. The weird thing 
>is, that SMP was in the kernel config, but when I moved the config line 
>to the bottom of the config, it took effect :P
>Also, let me know if it addresses the sound issue. Thanks!
>Kris Moore
>PC-BSD Software

>Andreas Betschart wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed PC-BSD 1.5 and it looks great.
> There is only one, maybe two, problems I saw.
> The system only detects one of my four CPUs. PC-BSD used to detect 
> the CPUs just fine. What happend? Will there be a patch for this, do I have 
> to recompile the kernel myself, or do I have to go back to PC-BSD
> Is this the reason why the sound is so choppy?
> Thanks for your help.
> Andreas
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