[PC-BSD Support] Problem with OpenOffice spanish accents

Tomás Humberto Yánez tommy.yanez at gmail.com
Wed Mar 5 19:18:33 PST 2008

Good day. I want to report a problem with the OpenOffice 2.2.1 PBI included
in PC-BSD 1.4. You cannot write characters like "á", "é", "í", "ó", "ú",
either in uppercase or lowercase. You cannot write those even after
downloading the "es" locale configuration files. PC-BSD doesn't have a
problem with accents and some apps like Firefox or Koffice write those
characters perfectly. According to this
the problem still persists in the new PBI (version 2.3).

Thank you for your attention.

Tomás Humberto Yánez
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