[PC-BSD Support] Root pwd issue

Vincent FAUQUEZ vincent.fauquez at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 18:02:08 PST 2008


 Ive just installed PCBSD 1.4 on my gateway old laptop ( Celeron 500 mHz).

 I have two problems,

 My root password wrote during the install dont work when the system is
 up under my user.

 Can you tell me how to reset it ? i try to boot in single user mode
 end re enter my root passwd but i have an error message.

 I think my numlock LED must be activated when i wrote the passwd
during install.

 Second :

 My video card is working but only in 800x600 so PCBSD is not very nice
 on the screen and i dont have the option to change in 1024. I will try
 to find my video card parameters to know if it is a bad configuration
 or a bug.

 Thanks if you can wrote me back at vincent.fauquez at free.fr or on this adress.

 Thanks a lot by advance.

 Best regards,

 Vincent - Paris - France

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