[PC-BSD Support] Keyboard not working on Dell XPS 1530 during install

Vivin Suresh Paliath vivin.paliath at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 08:57:55 PST 2008

Hello Everyone,

First of all I'd like to congratulate you guys on developing an amazing
distribution. I've been using PC-BSD for about six months now and I really
like it. I just received my new Dell XPS 1530 in the mail. I was pretty
excited because I was going to put PC-BSD on it. However, I ran into a snag
during installation where the keyboard will not work. I tried running it in
vesa (just for the hell of it) and regular mode and the keyboard still will
not work. Once I get to the password screen, I cannot go any further because
of this problem. I was finally able to install the system by plugging in a
USB keyboard. A number of people seem to have this issue. After starting up
the system, I seem to have no problem using the keyboard. Hope you guys can
look into this. Thanks!


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