[PC-BSD Support] PC-BSD Installation problems

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Oct 30 05:57:40 PST 2007

I know you said you didn't want a reply on this, but for completeness 
and accuracy, I'll post back to the list.

Anyway, I'm not sure where you tried to contact for help, this is the 
first I've seen about this problem here. This issue can only be caused 
by a few very select circumstances:

1. You don't meet the minimum requirements for PC-BSD 1.4. (256MB of RAM)


2. The CD image is corrupt, check the MD5 sum to confirm if you got a 
good download.


3. The CD drive can't read the install image from the disk. (In this 
case you probably would see a bunch of "acd0" read errors during the 
bootup when it says "Copying setup image into memory... Please Wait.."


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

mrosnok at eastlink.ca wrote:
> For quite some time now I have been having a problem installing PC-BSD.  Everytime I attempt to install it the installation stops and an error message occurs:
> can't exec getty:  user/init/exec/getty ttyv0: no such file
> or something similar repeats continually.  I have been trying to get help with this issue and have been frustrated at every attempt.  You can keep your PC-BSD.  I'm sticking with Microsoft Windows from now on.  At least when I contact them I actually get some form of help.  PC-BSD is nothing but crap.  Every one who asks me about it will be told what a waste of time it is.  There is no support for the novice user whatsoever.  Instead of learning how to fix this problem, I only learned that no one involved with PC-BSD knows what's going on.  Don't waste my time responding to this e-mail because I want nothing more to do with PC-BSD or any one involved with it.  I would be very pleased if the entire thing were scrapped and any and al evidence of it's existence were erased.  PC-BSD is a bigger waste of time than internet porn.  Thanks for infuriating and frustrating me at every turn.  Because of the inept bungling I have been accosted with I will NEVER attempt to use any opera
> ing system even remotely associated with this sorry excuse for a programme.  Good bye and good riddance.
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