[PC-BSD Support] PC-BSD Installation problems

mrosnok at eastlink.ca mrosnok at eastlink.ca
Sun Oct 28 04:57:04 PST 2007

For quite some time now I have been having a problem installing PC-BSD.  Everytime I attempt to install it the installation stops and an error message occurs:

can't exec getty:  user/init/exec/getty ttyv0: no such file

or something similar repeats continually.  I have been trying to get help with this issue and have been frustrated at every attempt.  You can keep your PC-BSD.  I'm sticking with Microsoft Windows from now on.  At least when I contact them I actually get some form of help.  PC-BSD is nothing but crap.  Every one who asks me about it will be told what a waste of time it is.  There is no support for the novice user whatsoever.  Instead of learning how to fix this problem, I only learned that no one involved with PC-BSD knows what's going on.  Don't waste my time responding to this e-mail because I want nothing more to do with PC-BSD or any one involved with it.  I would be very pleased if the entire thing were scrapped and any and al evidence of it's existence were erased.  PC-BSD is a bigger waste of time than internet porn.  Thanks for infuriating and frustrating me at every turn.  Because of the inept bungling I have been accosted with I will NEVER attempt to use any operat
ing system even remotely associated with this sorry excuse for a programme.  Good bye and good riddance.

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