[PC-BSD Support] problems playing dvd and cd media

the kneeling fool kneel.pardoe at virgin.net
Thu Oct 25 13:52:28 PDT 2007

I'm trying to move completely away from Linux and BSD looks 
like a great option. I have tried a number of times to 
install FreeBSD using  both DesktopBSD and PC-BSD and 
although the install is successful, I was hoping as the 
documentation states/implies to be able to play a dvd or 
music cd 'out of the box'. I have not been able to do this 
and after lots of messing around, reading the 'Handbook' I 
am still frustrated by this. What I have found is a common 
problem regardless of how FreeBSD is installed. I can load 
a dvd and it will play for about 10 - 20 seconds normally 
and then I get an error box telling me I do not have 
correct rights or there is no disk in the drive.

I can actually play a non-encrypted dvd (although not all 
non-encrypted will play). Music using the same device is 
also problematic. It will play a cd for roughly the same 
amount of time and then just skip to the next track and 
play that, sometimes the next track will not play at all 
and so there is a skip to the next track after that and 
might play for the aprox 20 seconds or so.

IIRC (and I have done quite a few new BSD installs over this 
time) PC-BSD does actually create the /dev/dvd /dev/cdrom 
etc devices needed. I have had to manually create these in 
DesktopBSD and try to change rw permissions.

Sorry if this seems garbled, byt that is where my thinking 
has ended up trying to sort this out. 

Can anyone please help me get PC-BSD set up and providing 
these services?

the kneeling fool

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