[PC-BSD Support] Computer restarts during bootup

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> On Tue, October 2, 2007 12:49 pm, Kris Moore wrote:
>> Does he get to the initial BSD loading screen? Maybe have him try "safe
>> mode" to disable all kernel modules from loading. Also, that may disable
>> the splash screen, so at least we can see whats failing :)
> Thanks Kris, yes, I forgot to mention this. He tried the "safe mode"
> option but it doesn't solves his problem. I'm afraid he doesn't know how
> to disable the splash screen. I wish I could be in front of the computer
> to try myself...
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> Charles A. Landemaine
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I have never dealt with that issue on BSD systems but looking at this piece of
the PC-BSD code, I think all you have to do is turn splash_pcx_load off in
/boot/loader.conf -- A BSD live CD should do that fine.


void PBSystemTab::miscSavePressed()
 	    //Change registry entry
 	    QSettings settings;
 	    QString code = codeMap[splashSelect->currentText()];
 	    settings.writeEntry("/PCBSD/splash-screen", code);

 	    //Move files about
 	    KIO::file_copy("/PCBSD/splash-screens/loading-screen-" + code + ".pcx",
"/boot/loading-screen.pcx", -1, true);

 	    if ( showBootCheck->isChecked() )
 	        saveValue("/boot/loader.conf", "splash_pcx_load=",
"splash_pcx_load=\"YES\"" );
 	     } else {
 	        saveValue("/boot/loader.conf", "splash_pcx_load=",
"splash_pcx_load=\"NO\"" );

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