[PC-BSD Support] Bonjour printers

Ashley Moran mail at ashleymoran.me.uk
Wed Oct 3 13:01:15 PDT 2007


We've got two Macs at my house.  My mum's just bought a (WinXP)  
laptop which I reformatted for her with PCBSD 1.4.  No probs with  
internet etc, but I don't know how to print.  We have one printer (a  
Canon Pixma 4300) that is plugged into my stepdad's iMac downstairs,  
and shared with Bonjour.  I can print from my iMac upstairs as if it  
was a local printer.  I've been through all the printer types but  
can't find any reference to Bonjour/Zeroconf etc.  Is there any way  
to use this printer over the wireless link from the laptop?

Thanks for any help

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