[PC-BSD Support] Improving an already fabulous PC-BSD

ken gibbs kenspeedy at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 19 00:25:19 PDT 2007

Hi !

Some suggestions that would add polish to an already fabulous PC-BSD. Thanks !

1) Playing Video's from websites is quite restricted. An example would be Yahoo - Music. The Vid's won't play, typically. The screen has to be terminated.This applies to many, similar Video-presenting URL's.

2) I keep getting the following terminal error when using Yahoo.


Output logged from stdout

Gtk-Qt theme engine warning:
  Could not open /proc/1286/cmdline
  This may cause problems for the GNOME window manager
Segmentation fault


3) I went to install K3-B 1.0x. I had the earlier version installed. I removed the earlier version once by mistakenly deleting it . Then I reinstalled it. Then I Removed it using the Software Manager in Control Panel. The "Remove" function actually seems only to Delete. I don't think it restores the system so that there is no record or trace of the former installation. Then, when trying to install K3-b, V-1.x, the error comes back that there is already a K3-b installed, because it was never totally Un-Installed etc..

Hope this helps !

Ken Gibbs

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