[PC-BSD Support] 1.4.1. and still can't play dvd movies.

the kneeling fool kneel.pardoe at virgin.net
Sat Dec 1 15:43:26 PST 2007

On Monday 26 November 2007, Kris Moore wrote:
> I was able to get DVD's playing properly in Kaffeine here
> just fine. You'll probably only need to tweak one or two
> things:
> First, you need to install libdvdcss, which we do not
> ship by default, due to copyright issues in the USA, but
> it may differ depending on where you are living:
> http://www.freshports.org/multimedia/libdvdcss/
> Try Kaffeine again, does it work?
> If not, you may need to update the DVD / CD device in
> Kaffeine. Open Kaffeine and go to settings -> Xine Engine
> Parameters -> Media
> Change the dvd.device option from /dev/dvd to /dev/acd0
> or acd1 or whatever your real DVD device is :)
> --
> Kris Moore
> PC-BSD Software
> http://www.pcbsd.com

Hi Kris,

I have already installed libdvdcss and had these settings 
but I did go and check to make sure, but the problem 
remains as described. I have now lost booting of PCBSD due 
to installing a linux that plays DVDs for me. Grub is the 
boot manager, I have always had problems trying to get 
other things to boot. Can you tell me what I should put in 
GRUB to get PCBSD to boot so I can continue to try it out?


the kneeling fool

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