[PC-BSD Support] mute button freezes system

James Strother strother at uci.edu
Fri Aug 17 23:00:47 PDT 2007

> Sunday 12 August 2007 09:03:55 kirjutas strother at uci.edu <http://lists.pcbsd.org/mailman/listinfo/support>:
> >/ Just installed PC-BSD on my laptop.  Looks pretty good so far.  However,
> />/ when I hit the mute button of the laptop, the system freezes.  Mouse
> />/ movement and keypresses are lost. Also, I am unable to switch ttys (e.g.,
> />/ Ctrl-Alt-F1).
> />/
> />/ What should I do to narrow down the problem?
> />/
> /What laptop model you got?

Thanks for getting back to me (and sorry for the slow response,
I mistakenly thought I was signed up for the list and so I only
just read this from the website archive).

The laptop is an IBM Thinkpad X41.  From wandering around various
lists, I think I've figure out the problem.  I installed PC-BSD
while the laptop was hooked up to the laptop dock, but then tried
to run the laptop unhooked from the dock.  When it is hooked up to
the dock everything works.  Without the dock, the system freezes
when you hit the mute button or plug/unplug the power.  Also will
fail intermittently in bootup.  There are a references around to
others having problems with the FreeBSD kernel and laptop docks
(see http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dpelleg/X31_freebsd.html).  I've
installed FreeBSD-7.0-current, which appears contains acpi_dock.
The system now boots and runs without any problems.  I've seen
it mentioned that the ATA bus for the dock could be disabled, but
since I need the dock this isn't a viable option for me.

I'll try PC-BSD again with my laptop after it moves to FreeBSD 7.0.
In the meantime, I'll probably give it a go with my desktop.


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