[PC-BSD Support] thank you

ejohnstone at comcast.net ejohnstone at comcast.net
Thu Aug 9 11:46:23 PDT 2007

Thanks for a wonderful idea, and 'product'.  
I installed it on my 24 year old daughter's friend's old Dell laptop that was W2000 dead.
It's opened her ideas to such great things as gimp - as she's an artist.

Most awesome.

If you are looking for my 'wish' list, it would be 
freebsd with xfce ... 
with 'few' apps, as your installer worked great, for the casual user

Thanks again.

Ed Johnstone
email:  ejohnstone at comcast.net,ed at lilly.com
Cell:    317.331.1848
Home: 317.257.6341
Work:  317.276.5314

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